Newspaper Hammers ERC and McDonnell Administration for Looming Annual Toll Increases

The Virginian-Pilot editorial board takes a dim view of forthcoming toll hikes for the Downtown and Midtown tunnels and hammers the state for the way, under former Governor Bob McDonnell, it negotiated its partnership with Elizabeth River Crossings. “[ERC] wrangled, among other things, an average and astounding annual return of 13.5 percent on its investment for nearly six decades, higher than the stock market’s return since the late 1950s,” the editors note. They add, “[T]he Elizabeth River Crossings contract persists, a relic of a heedless and reckless time in the Governor’s Mansion. Just as they worked to fix the system that imposed the Elizabeth River Crossings deal on Hampton Roads, lawmakers and the governor shouldn’t rest until the deal is undone.”