Chairman Shuster Passes on USDOT Secretary, but Outgoing Congressman Mica Is Eager to Serve

POLITICO reports that “House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster exclusively told our Jennifer Scholtes he’s content to continue working on his priorities from within the legislative branch” and would pass on taking the helm at USDOT. “Meanwhile,” the article states, “chairman emeritus John Mica gave reporters the hard sell on why he should get the gig. Our Tanya Snyder reports: ‘Mica has a nationwide roster of mega-projects to point to when stumping for the job, including improvements to Sea-Tac airport and New York’s East Side Access projects, as well as policy achievements like introducing competition in Amtrak and expanding the TIFIA loan program.’”

Mr. Mica also has the folks at home rooting for him, as this Orlando Sentinel guest column shows.