NJ Firm Disputes Outstanding PA Turnpike Tolls and Fees – Despite 214 Notices

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, “A New Jersey trucking firm listed as having the fourth-largest bill for unpaid Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls claims the turnpike has never contacted the company about the debt. Anthony Berritto, president and CEO of Salson Dedicated Inc. in Newark, claims he was unaware he owed the turnpike $56,390 for 214 unpaid tolls and fees until he saw a Post-Gazette story . . . about the 24 commercial firms with the largest amount of unpaid turnpike tolls.” The report adds, however, “The turnpike’s Violations Processing Center confirmed this week the agency sent Salson [link added] 214 separate notices for toll violations beginning in February 2012, said spokesman [Carl DeFebo, Jr.] ‘Our first-line collection agency indicated that they have contacted Salson Dedicated Inc. both by phone and mail and have connected with company representatives to try to collect on the unresolved violations,’ [DeFebo] said in an email.” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently signed new toll enforcement legislation into law.