Will NC Governor McCrory’s Support for I-77 Express Cost Him Re-Election?

WBTV reports that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is running behind in a race that is still too close to call. The station assesses the effect McCrory’s support for the I-77 Express project may have had on his vote total. The station notes that the governor “lost a good bit of support from voters in areas in and to the north of Mecklenburg County. Those are the same areas where a Spanish corporation is building toll lanes along Interstate 77.” The governor’s challenger called on him to rescind the construction contract.

WFAE reports, “Democrat Roy Cooper is claiming victory in his bid to unseat Governor Pat McCrory, though results aren’t final. If he loses, the governor can trace the defeat in part to Mecklenburg County. Changing voting patterns and his stand on controversial issues, including I-77 tolls, have eroded the former Charlotte mayor’s popularity at home.”