Bridgegate Fallout for Christie Is, Uum, Not So Great. He’ll Make His Case on Charlie Rose’s Show.

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” column hits Governor Chris Christie hard, contending that his political career “was probably over the second he endorsed Trump. Or maybe when he decided to go fully into Trump world as a transparent attempt to curry favor for a potential cabinet post. But the Bridgegate trial seals it: Christie has no future in Republican Party politics. Unless, of course, Trump wins on Tuesday — a possible but far from likely prospect.”

CNN, on the upside for Christie, reports, “Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will still lead Donald Trump’s transition team despite the swirling Bridgegate controversy.” reports, “Gov. Chris Christie is scheduled to sit down with Charlie Rose to discuss the Bridgegate trial verdict in the New Jersey governor’s first interview since two of his former allies were convicted.”