Members of NJ E-ZPass Group Owe $20 Million in Delinquent E-ZPass Tolls to Xerox. Contract Renewal Is Pending.

Courier-Post (Cherry Hill) reports, “The Delaware River Port Authority must pay more than $2.5 million in delinquent E-ZPass tolls in order to remain part of the toll collection group [the New Jersey E-ZPass Group] with five other transportation agencies.” The report adds that the six agencies (DRPA, NJ Turnpike Authority, Burlington County Bridge Commission, DRJTBC, Delaware River and Bay Authority, and SJTA, operator of the Atlantic City Expressway) cannot renew their toll services contract with Xerox State and Local Solutions until each of them pays “its share of delinquent tolls accumulated during the current 12-year contract.” The renewal comes up for a vote later this month. The newspaper adds that DRPA CEO John Hanson told a committee reviewing the renewal contract on November 2 that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority owes $16 million, the largest part of the $20 million total that is owed.