PA Newspapers Urge Governor Wolf to Approve Toll Enforcement Law

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board writes, “The Legislature put the pedal to the metal after news broke that the financially challenged Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is owed about $49 million by toll scofflaws. A bill [HB 2025, which gives the state new authority to enforce payment of tolls and fees] now sits on the desk of Gov. Tom Wolf, who should sign it so collection efforts can begin as soon as possible.”

Bucks County Courier Times editors also nudge Wolf to act, writing, “We encourage the governor to make it a quick review. This isn’t a complicated issue. A lot of turnpike users are cheating. And about half of the cheaters are drivers for profit-making commercial enterprises. So while they’re making a profit by using the turnpike, they are not paying a penny toward maintenance and improvements. At least not since [E-ZPass] came into vogue.”