Crain’s New York Business: Politicians Have a “Pathological Aversion” to Tolls

Crain’s New York Business editorial board looks at the city’s projected growth – 500,000 people in the next 20 years – and writes, “As long as there is economic opportunity here, people will keep coming. We need them to fit in, not pile in. When Crain’s called on big thinkers in the business community to pitch some projects, they came through with outside-the-box ideas. Naysayers would call their plans too ambitious or foolishly optimistic, but we see them as bold if not prescient.” The editors note one pretty large challenge: “For many reasons, government struggles to look far ahead. Elected officials like projects that produce results—and votes—when they are still in office, not years later. Politicians also have a pathological aversion to tolls and other user fees.”