VDOT’s Layne Gives ERT a Deadline to Deliver a “Corrective Action Plan” on Billing, Customer Service Issues

WAVY News’ “10 On Your Side” unit uncovers new demands by state officials for Elizabeth River Crossings to correct billing and customer service deficiencies, and exposes the limitations on VDOT’s influence and control over the operation of Elizabeth River Tunnels. The station reports, “By Sunday [October 30], ERT must present a corrective action plan to Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne, according to a letter obtained by 10 On Your Side. ‘This letter represents the second communication, in as many years, I have written regarding unacceptable deficiencies with your tolling solution,’ Layne wrote in late September. ‘As you are aware, the issues around the proper charging and billing of tolls are creating unnecessary burdens on our customers.’” The report adds that Layne’s letter delivers “one ultimatum within his power: improve, or the DMV will stop providing information linked to license plates. That would limit ERT to only charging customers with an E-ZPass transponder.”