PA Turnpike “Gets Tools” to Pursue Scofflaws: Lawmakers Send Enforcement Bill to Governor’s Desk

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, “The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will soon have additional tools to go after more than $49 million in unpaid tolls. The state House on Wednesday [October 26] gave final approval” to HB 2025, which authorizes PennDOT to suspend a vehicle registration upon notice that the registrant or owner has six or more toll violations, or unpaid tolls and fees that collectively total $500 or more, regardless of the number of violations. The bill “includes a reciprocity agreement that allows other states with similar laws to go after violators on behalf of Pennsylvania[,] and the commonwealth will go after Pennsylvania residents who refuse to pay tolls in other states,” according to the report. notes that the legislation also “makes it illegal to obscure a vehicle registration plate in such a way that blocks the electronic toll collection system from identifying the vehicle.”

WAND News (Decatur, IL) earns the headline of the day award for this, “PA Turnpike Wants Deadbeat Illinois Drivers To Pay Up,” in an article observing that the PA Turnpike “is fed up with toll violators from Illinois and other states and wants scofflaws to pay up.”