PA Turnpike Plays Hardball with Commercial Scofflaws by Naming Names as Lawmakers Advance Stronger Enforcement Legislation

FOX 43 News (among many others) reports, “Two dozen of the most egregious commercial toll violators each owe the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) more than $20,000 in unpaid tolls and violations, according to a list released today by the PTC. All told, the trucking firms have collectively ignored more than 19,000 violations notices.” In a PTC news release, chairman Sean Logan says, “[T]he Commission supports a measure which would provide the agency broader authority to make sure repeat violators pay. The legislation would give PennDOT the ability to suspend the vehicle registrations of motorists who have failed to pay after repeated requests.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette adds, “The names of the top offenders were released as the state Legislature considers a law that would allow the state to revoke the vehicle registrations of chronic offenders and allow it to work with other states to go after scofflaws whose vehicles are registered outside Pennsylvania. The state Senate passed the law Monday [October 24] and it is awaiting consideration in the House.”