MassDOT on New AET Rates: This Is Not a Toll Hike.

WCVB News reports that MassDOT Secretary Stephanie Pollack, in an AET media briefing, covers the waterfront, reminding motorists of the discount available for Massachusetts E-ZPass transponder users. On new toll rates, Pollack says, “This is not a toll increase. This is a rate-setting process.” The report adds, “Overall the state expects toll revenues to slightly decrease, dropping from $128.1 million to $127.7 million on the portion of the Pike from Weston westward, and dropping from $225 million to $216.3 million on what’s called the Metropolitan Highway System – encompassing the eastern part of the Pike, the Tobin Bridge and the harbor tunnels.” Pollack also touched on privacy and data retention issues, saying “the department would work to secure and ultimately dispose of data collected by the system, holding onto it only for the purposes of billing.”