Bridgegate: Baroni Testifies He Thought Traffic Study Was Legit, Puts Blame on Wildstein

New York Post reports, “Former Port Authority exec Bill Baroni took the stand in his own defense Monday [October 17] and pinned the blame for Bridgegate on ex-pal David Wildstein, insisting he knew nothing about the real reason behind the now-infamous lane closures.  Baroni said Wildstein told him they were closed for a traffic study, not as political payback for the mayor of nearby Fort Lee, who had refused to endorse their boss, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.”’s report adds that Baroni “insisted time and again Monday that he believed the gridlock that paralyzed Fort Lee in September 2013 was the result of a legitimate traffic study — not a vendetta against the borough’s mayor, who refused to endorse the governor’s re-election bid.”