Clinton Campaign Briefs Mayors on Five-Year, $275 Billion Infrastructure Renewal Plan covers a recent US Conference of Mayors gathering in New York City where Hillary Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell (the former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania Governor) presented the presidential candidate’s positions on infrastructure renewal. Rendell reportedly “said all the right things,” as he outlined Clinton’s plan “to spend $275 billion over five years on roads, bridges, aviation, freight and broadband. . . .” He acknowledged that getting the necessary federal appropriations would be a challenge for Clinton, but said she is committed to undertaking the fight. On tolling, Rendell reaffirmed his support for creating a local option to toll federally-supported highways, “but stressed that Clinton has not taken a position on that yet.”

According to the City Limits article, the Trump campaign chose not to send a representative to the meeting, and the conference CEO remarked that “surrogate lines [at Trump headquarters] have gone silent.”