MassDOT Will Review Enforcement of Turnpike HOV-3 Rule

CBS News Boston reports that about the 2,500 motorists enjoy a special Massachusetts Turnpike toll rate because they agree to carpool with at least two passengers. “However, in the past two years, none of the . . . carpool drivers ever received a fine for misuse of the program, according to records [obtained by CBS]. Since 2011, not one person has been removed from the program for failing to have the required number of passengers in the car.” State highway administrator Thomas Tinlin tells CBS “he has asked for a full briefing about the program from the statewide tolling director. ‘I think it’s a healthy time to reexamine the programs that we offer. . . . ‘Were we making sure that people were using it the way they should have been using it? And if not, does it make sense to continue?’”