MD Governor Delays Busway Project as Advocate Makes Case for I-270 Express Toll Lanes to Foot the Bill

The Washington Post reports, “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has postponed funding a busway in the heavily congested Interstate 270 corridor for at least six years, significantly delaying a transit project that Montgomery County is relying on to develop the upcounty without making traffic worse. Hogan’s proposed six-year transportation budget includes no money for the Corridor Cities Transitway, which has been planned since at least 2000. . . .” The delay will save $78 million over the next six years, but Richard Parsons, vice chairman of the Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance, tells The Post “the state could get the money by having express toll lanes on [I-270] – an idea that the Hogan administration has said would be too expensive and take too long to provide relief.”