MTC Report Finds a Surge in Bay Area “Congested Delay” and Ranks the Top (Er, Bottom?) 10 Most Congested Freeways

The Mercury News reports, “For just the second time in the two decades that Bay Area freeway congestion levels have been tracked, the morning commute from the East Bay across the Bay Bridge is not the worst. It’s in second place. The new honor — if that’s the right phrase — goes to the afternoon slog out of San Francisco from Highway 101 to the Treasure Island portion of the Bay Bridge.”

The rankings are derived from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s “web-based Vital Signs performance-monitoring initiative,” which includes the finding, “Across the region, ‘congested delay,’ which MTC defines as time spent in traffic moving at speeds of 35 miles per hour or less, surged 22 percent in 2015 to an average of 3.2 minutes per commuter each weekday from 2.7 minutes in 2014.  This marks the Bay Area’s highest recorded level of congested delay on a per-commuter basis and a nearly 70 percent increase over the 1.9-minutes-per-commuter-per-day figure registered in 2010.”