Poughkeepsie Newspaper Takes on Scofflaws and the NY Thruway

The Poughkeepsie Journal editorial board takes up the New York State Thruway’s efforts to crackdown on toll scofflaws and proceeds to crackdown on . . . the thruway. “It is bad enough the New York State Thruway— with its challenged finances and tortured history of administrative incompetence — failed to collect about $2.5 million in tolls during about a two-year period. What’s more alarming is the dramatic spike in uncollected tolls that number represents, and how new policies [AET] could make matters much worse unless strategies are reconsidered.” The newspaper also blasts the thruway for the “brazen, indefensible practice of hiding information from the public, taking far too long to make good on information requests by USA Today Network’s Albany Bureau.” Click here for The Journal’s recent reporting on uncollected toll revenues.