IDOT Commissioner Challenges ASCE, Cites Windfall from ITR Sale in Defense of Transportation Investment

The Indianapolis Star publishes an op-ed by IDOT Commissioner Michael B. Cline who writes, “It’s become a habit of journalists and commentators in our state to give the impression that Indiana’s infrastructure is a crumbling mess of D+-rated roads and bridges. And yet, a recent analysis by CNBC ranked our infrastructure as No. 1 in the country. What gives?” Cline says he respects the American Society of Civil Engineers – the source of the D+ – but notes, “[D]espite the organization’s noble and trust-inducing name, ASCE is still an interest group that advocates for thousands of professionals who frequently have a financial interest in exaggerating the nation’s infrastructure deficit.” He also notes, “The $4 billion generated by the lease of the Indiana Toll Road made Indiana’s unprecedented infrastructure construction possible.”