Bridgegate: Wildstein Testifies about Scandal Spiraling Out of Control. Photos Show “Happy” Christie Meeting with “Cronies.” reports, “As the Bridgegate scandal rapidly spiraled out of control, David Wildstein testified [Wednesday, September 28] he began telling people in the governor’s inner circle,” including the press spokesman and the chief counsel, “the truth,” that the lane closures were intended to punish a mayor who refused to endorse Christie’s reelection campaign.

The Philadelphia Inquirer also reports on Wildstein’s fourth day of testimony in the Bridgegate trial.

Daily News (New York City) publishes photos of Christie, Baroni and Wildstein “gabbing at the World Trade Center, smiling and laughing,” on the occasion when Wildstein testified he and Baroni informed the governor that the George Washington Bridge lane closures were causing traffic problems for Ft. Lee’s mayor.