Bridgegate: Witness Says Christie Laughed about GWB Lane Closings. Governor Still Denies Involvement, Knowledge.

The New York Times reports, “Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was told about the George Washington Bridge lane closings — and that they were done to punish a mayor who had declined to endorse him for re-election — during a Sept. 11 memorial service two days after they began, a former ally who orchestrated the scheme testified in federal court [in Newark] on Tuesday [September 27]. Mr. Christie, the witness recalled, laughed at the news.” reports, “Gov. Christie Christie on Tuesday night refuted allegations made by a former ally that the governor was told about the Bridgegate lane closings as they were going on and even joked about them when he was informed.” The report adds that during his monthly New Jersey 101.5 radio show on Tuesday night, Christie said, “I knew nothing about the lane realignments before they happened, I knew nothing about lane realignments as they happened, and I had nothing do to with the planning and the authorizing of it.”