Major Lane Configuration and Toll Collection Changes under Review for Bay Area’s Dumbarton Bridge

Streetsblog San Francisco provides an update on SamTrans’ Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study (which is funded in part by a donation from area employer Facebook). The study’s primary focus is to improve transit service across the toll bridge. The blog reports, “SamTrans says that by 2020, several alternative lane configurations could be installed and will be studied in detail for their impact on traffic flow: reversible center lanes to provide four lanes in the peak-travel direction, carpool lanes, and express (toll) lanes. . . . A number of ways to speed access for drivers through the . . . toll plaza on its east end are in the new study, including longer toll lanes to fit more traffic, ‘open road tolling’ which would remove the toll booths, and constructing new direct access on-ramps for carpool and buses to connect Newark Boulevard and Highway 880 to the toll plaza.”