CFX Takes the Lead on Osceola County Toll Road Development, Decides to Repay $151 Million to FDOT in a Lump Sum

Orlando Business Journal reports, “The Central Florida Expressway Authority agreed during its Sept. 8 board meeting to take the lead on the development of Osceola County’s toll roads.” The article explains that CFX will study projects in the Osceola County Expressway Authority master plan to determine “which, if any, can be developed and constructed under the Central Florida authority’s policies.” The report adds that the CFX board also decided during its meeting to make a lump sum repayment of approximately $151 million in debt to the Florida Department of Transportation. CFX has been repaying FDOT in annual installments.

Orlando Sentinel also covers the board meeting and reports that the development agreement is seen as accelerating an eventual merger of CFX and the Osceola County authority.