Report Suggests PA Turnpike’s Annual Payments to PennDOT “May Not Be Legal,” Due to NY Federal Court Ruling

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, “The decision in a federal case in New York state has thrown a new element into the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s attempt to get out from under a $450 million annual payment to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for public transit: The payments may not be legal.” In the New York case, a federal judge ruled that it is unconstitutional to transfer New York State Thruway Authority toll revenue collected from commercial truckers to maintain upstate canals. The P-G report adds, “The court decision comes at a time when turnpike officials have asked the state Legislature to reconsider the annual payment to PennDOT.” The PA Turnpike has annual debt payments of $600 million per year and, “As a result, the agency is reviewing all of its capital projects to determine which ones are needed and affordable. That report is expected next month,” the P-G adds.

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