A Crystal Ball Look at Impact of Debt, PennDOT Payments on PA Pike Toll Rates

LancasterOnline.com looks at the daunting math behind the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s debt forecasts, which are driven largely by annual payments to PennDOT for transit operations around the state, and reports, “According to [the newspaper’s analysis], the cumulative impact could mean tolls five times higher than they are today — or $155 (EZ-Pass) to $216 (cash) to cross the state from east to west in a passenger car in 2044 (not including bridge tolls).” Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo tells the newspaper, “‘It’s really impossible to speculate. . . . I think that the 6 percent . . . is just a rough kind of approximation on what would be needed to pay down our debt. Certainly, there are ways we could try to mitigate those increases.’”