Toll System Replacement RFI — West Virginia Parkways Authority



The West Virginia Parkways Authority (WVPA) is posting this notice of a Request For Information (RFI) that is now available at the WVPA website link shown below:

The intent of the RFI is to share certain details concerning the Authority’s interest in replacing their current toll collection system, including all roadside, central host and backoffice customer service components, and obtain input on certain aspects of the project. WVPA is also seeking information regarding associated maintenance services for the provided systems.

This RFI gives the toll systems industry (including integrators, technology, and service providers) an opportunity to provide information to the Authority concerning the items contained within the RFI. The RFI also includes the overall schedule for when responses are due as well as information about the process industry representatives must use to schedule one-on-one (1:1) meetings with the Authority prior to responding to the RFI, including available dates and times.

This notice is provided for informational purposes only. The information set forth in this notice is preliminary and subject to change in all respects. The Authority may change or cancel the plans outlined here at any time and will not be liable for or reimburse any firm for expenses they may choose to incur as a result of this notice.