RFP to Design, Install and Maintain an AET System — RITBA

Request for Proposals to Design, Install and Maintain a New All-Electronic Tolling System for the Claiborne Pell Bridge

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (the “Authority”) is currently soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified and experienced tolling firms to design, install and maintain a new Toll Collection System, Digital Video Audit System, and Maintenance Management System, collectively referred to as the SYSTEM, in order to implement All-Electronic Tolling (AET) on the Claiborne Pell Bridge (formerly the Newport Bridge). The AET SYSTEM RFP documents may be obtained at http://www.ritba.org/procurement/. Further information on the Authority and the Claiborne Pell Bridge can be found at: http://www.ritba.org.

A Pre-Proposal Teleconference consisting of a Microsoft Teams presentation on the AET SYSTEM RFP and the Authority’s specific project needs will be scheduled to begin at 2:00 PM EST on October 27, 2021. Each Respondent shall give the Authority notice of its intent to participate in the Pre-Proposal Teleconference through email to procurement@ritba.org by 3:00 PM EST on October 25, 2021. Proposals from Respondents that did not attend the Pre-Proposal Teleconference will not be considered by the Authority.

The scope of services consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, tools, transportation, machinery, supplies, materials, safety equipment, services, and incidentals to provide a completely new AET SYSTEM, and maintenance support services as defined in the RFP. The Authority intends to award a single contract to a toll vendor that offers the best value to the Authority. The Authority is currently procuring the Back Office System (BOS) through a separate RFP. Under the new AET SYSTEM, the Claiborne Pell Bridge will be tolled in a cashless AET manner where tolls are collected using electronic transponders (such as E-ZPass transponders) or license plate images (image-based transaction processing). Traffic will not be required to stop, allowing for toll payments at free flow travel speeds. The existing plaza will be converted into a single eastbound toll zone and a single westbound toll zone, and the two toll zones will be located on the west side of the bridge. The eastbound and westbound toll zone approaches will each have two (2) travel lanes and one (1) shoulder lane, and all travel lanes and shoulders in each toll zone shall be fully instrumented.

Respondents to the RFP will be required to state whether their organization is registered to do business in the State of Rhode Island. If not currently registered to do business in the State of Rhode Island, the Respondent selected for the contract will need to register prior to final contract execution. Note that foreign corporations must obtain a certificate of authority to transact business in Rhode Island and this needs to be obtained prior to submitting a proposal. Please see: http://webserver.rilegislature.gov//Statutes/TITLE7/7-1.2/7-1.2-1405.HTM.

Any questions regarding this RFP can be directed to the Authority by email (procurement@ritba.org) no later than 3:00 PM EST on October 29, 2021.