RFI on Third-Party Tolling Services: MTA Bridges and Tunnels


October 10, 2017

Subject: Request for Information (RFI), RFI-17-64, Third Party Tolling Services

The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (“TBTA”), popularly known as MTA Bridges and Tunnels, is seeking information from the marketplace on using smartphone applications, websites, environments or devices to register and collect tolls from non-E-ZPass customers at all of its crossings.

In Fall 2017, TBTA completed the expansion of cashless, gantry-based open-road Cashless Tolling to all of its crossings. All TBTA customers now pay tolls without stopping and no cash is accepted at any TBTA bridges or tunnels. Customers can pay their tolls with E-ZPass tags or, for vehicles without E-ZPass tags, license plate images are taken and matched with information from the applicable Department of Motor Vehicles to send toll bills to owners under TBTA’s Tolls by Mail program. To curtail Tolls by Mail transactions, the Authority is seeking information regarding third party tolling services. Solutions would function as a payment tool for non-commercial passenger vehicles without E-ZPass accounts who would otherwise be Tolls by Mail customers.

TBTA is seeking a technically feasible service, using a commercially available technology that will integrate into existing TBTA back office systems and operations. The service would provide their own customer support and minimize the risk of unpaid tolls.

The service should provide an application or website with features and functions that will enable customers to pay their tolls for TBTA’s facilities. The service should allow customers to create an account with the service provider and register one or more vehicles. The service cannot require or encourage use of a hand-held device while driving.

Customers should be able to pay for the service through a credit or debit card, e-payment or some other form of funds transfer. Services that allow unbanked customers to pay tolls with cash are highly encouraged.

TBTA anticipates using web services, file transfer protocol or other forms of electronic data exchange with the service provider to identify and charge customers. The service would interact with existing back office systems and cannot require modifications to physical roadway tolling infrastructure.

TBTA expects guaranteed prepaid funds from the service provider to cover the cost of all tolls incurred by its customers on a predetermined transfer schedule. The provider will be charged the full-rate (Tolls by Mail) toll for each transaction. TBTA expects the service provider to handle their own revenue generation. A general business model should be shared with TBTA in the response to this RFI.

Any viable solution should include:
1. A clearly documented and secure (PCI compliant) way to integrate with existing back-office systems for vehicle processing and payment reconciliation.
2. Mechanisms to ensure guaranteed payment to the Authority based on incurred tolls.
3. Timely service usage analytics provided to TBTA.
4. Customer service/support and marketing provided by the service provider.
5. Prospective rates/service fees structure for customers or a description of other revenue generation techniques.
6. Business requirements or API standards that TBTA and the service provider would need to mutually agreed upon.

The RFI submission shall be provided by e-mail, USB Flash Drive, or other file transfer service. Submissions should include:
1. The service provider’s standard literature
2. File, payment and security specifications
3. The service provider’s qualifications and business model
4. Previously completed or current related work or proof of concept.

TBTA may request that respondents attend a meeting at the Authority’s 2 Broadway location in NYC to further describe and demonstrate their systems. The meeting may be attended by representatives from the Port Authority of NY and NJ and the NY State Thruway Authority. The deadline for submission of this information is November 3, 2017 at 3:30 pm.

All responses are to be submitted to the address set forth below:

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority
ATTN: Victoria Warren
2 Broadway, Mail Center
New York, NY 10004

• RFI-17-64, Third Party Tolling Services
• November 3, 2017 at 3:30PM

TBTA reserves all rights at law and equity including the right to reject and/or accept any and/or all comments submitted in response to this RFI. No respondent shall have any rights against TBTA arising from the contents of this RFI, the receipt of information or the incorporation or rejection of comments in the final Technical Specification.

TBTA shall not reimburse any respondent for costs and expenses incurred in response to this RFI.

TBTA reserves the right to use any information submitted, as it deems necessary. TBTA further reserves the right to use any information in response to this RFI in developing future procurement documents.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Friedman at (646) 252-7050 or Jffriedm@mtabt.org.

Lynn Gore
Deputy Chief Procurement Officer