MTC — Notice Of Forthcoming RFP For Clipper CSC

Next Generation Clipper® Customer Service Center Request for Proposals (RFP)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) plans to issue an RFP in early September 2020 for the Next Generation Clipper® Customer Service Center (CSC). MTC will host a bidders’ conference approximately one week after release. Proposals will be accepted through early November 2020.

The Next Generation Clipper Fare Payment System (C2) is being developed and delivered via four component contracts, a system integrator-provided back office system, a fare card supplier, a payment processing service provider, and a CSC operator. This strategy creates a competitive opportunity to incorporate broader customer service industry expertise into Clipper. The C2 customer service center will be designed to support C2’s account-based system and support a seamless transition for existing Clipper customers.

This RFP focuses on requirements for the C2 Customer Service Center Contract to be entered into with a Contractor. MTC and its partner transit operators are particularly interested in receiving Proposals from firms or teams who are offering proven, current customer services operations, with specific proposals for customizing those operations to meet the needs of the San Francisco Bay Area and Clipper transit operators. This RFP is not intended to tell Proposers how they should implement the Scope of Work. Instead, the overall objective is to fully describe the functions MTC and the transit operators require and those they would find desirable, so that Proposers have flexibility in adapting their existing customer services operations to address our requirements.

The RFP documents for this project will be available for download on the MTC website at:

Current information may be found here:

Please refer to the official RFP documents when published for official project requirements, deadlines, and submission details.