WVa Turnpike Flat-Fee, Annual Toll Passes Will Become Available This Year

[Editor: This is the text of a June 30, 2017, news release from the West Virginia Parkways Authority.]

New E-ZPass Single Fee Program
Available by the End of the Year

Charleston – On June 27, 2017, Governor Jim Justice signed Senate Bill 1003 [link inserted] that authorizes the West Virginia Parkways Authority to issue revenue bonds to finance road projects and use toll revenues to pay for those bonds.  Parkways Authority General Manager Greg Barr said the first step in this process is to conduct a traffic and revenue study to determine the level of tolls needed to sell bonds.  This new toll rate structure will include an annual single (flat) fee for passenger vehicles using West Virginia E-ZPass.  These passes will be available to anyone regardless of residency and their purchase is voluntary.  Mr. Barr stated that, “The Authority anticipates that the bonds will be sold and the new toll rate structure, including the single fee for passenger cars, will be in place by the end of this year.  Much work will be needed to get to that point, including public meetings in the four counties adjacent to the Turnpike.”

The new single fee plan will be used solely for unlimited use of the West Virginia Turnpike or any other toll facilities that may be built in West Virginia in the future.  With this new single fee plan, customers will continue to have the ability to add funds to their account to use the E-ZPass transponder on other tolling facilities throughout the country.

In the meantime, before the new single fee program and toll rate structure become effective, customers can continue to sign up for WV E-ZPass using the two passenger car discount plans that are currently available, according to Mr. Barr.

In addition to the passage of Senate Bill 1003 regarding tolls, Governor Jim Justice also signed a second bill, Senate Bill 1006, supporting his highway financing and construction plan.  These two bills, combined with other roads measures that passed the WV Legislature, could create 48,000 jobs in West Virginia, according to Governor Justice.  The Governor has also stated that these bills will support more than 500 shovel-ready projects throughout the state.

According to Mr. Barr, the public should stay tuned for announcements that will provide additional details in the upcoming months.  Updated information will also be posted to the website at www.wvturnpike.com.

For assistance concerning E-ZPass, the WV Parkways Authority Customer Service Center can be reached at 1-800-206-6222. 

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