TransCore to Deploy Innovative Electronic Toll and Border Analytics System for International Peace Bridge

New system to process multi-modal tolling transactions along second busiest Canadian border crossing

NASHVILLE, TN (January 15, 2019) — The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority has selected TransCore to develop an integrated electronic toll collection and border analytics system on the Peace Bridge, which crosses the Niagara River, connecting Buffalo, New York with Fort Erie, Ontario. The innovative approach combines electronic tolling with data analytics to improve mobility and reliability along an important international bridge. Opened in 1927, more than five million vehicles cross the Peace Bridge each year, making it the second busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States.

“As a bi-national bridge authority, our mission is to ensure the long-term viability of this vital international corridor, which benefits travel, tourism, and trade,” said Chief Operating Officer Thomas A. Boyle. “We are excited to work with TransCore in delivering smart data solutions that improve travel across the Peace Bridge.”

TransCore’s long partnership with the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority started in 1996 and continues today with the implementation of TransCore’s flagship Infinity∞ Digital Lane System®, which will enable the Authority to process cash, credit, debit, E-ZPass, and even pay-by-plate transactions. Infinity integrates automatic vehicle identification, vehicle classification, and video capture and recognition systems specifically designed to automatically and accurately collect transactions in high-volume traffic across a wide variety of traffic speeds and patterns. Infinity’s fully-integrated digital video audit system also provides agencies with a real-time, user-friendly tool to facilitate true end-to-end revenue traceability and auditability.

TransCore will also implement a data analytics engine to collect real-time and historical information on toll and inspection lane traffic volumes, inspection times, and regional border crossing wait times.  These data will be used by Authority and Customs personnel to optimize their respective operations at the border. In addition, TransCore will work closely with the Authority to provide redundant levels of daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance support both on site and remotely from TransCore’s Maintenance Monitoring Centers in New York and Houston. TransCore’s Insight Maintenance Online Management System also enables authorized personnel to immediately track equipment issues in real-time until they are resolved.

“TransCore is truly honored that the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority continues to place its trust in our people, our products, and our services,” said TransCore Vice President Sean Persaud. “We share in the Authority’s mission to provide seamless, reliable travel along the iconic Peace Bridge.” 

About TransCore

A leader in the transportation industry, TransCore provides innovative, technical solutions and engineering services for applications encompassing next generation Open Road Tolling and Traffic Management Systems. The company operates award-winning tolling customer service centers for departments of transportation throughout the U.S. and internationally. A pioneer in Radio Frequency Identification systems used in the transportation industry, TransCore secures access for airports, hospitals, parking garages, border patrols, trucking fleets, and the rail industry.

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Media ContactMimi McHale