TransCore and Kapsch Reach Resolution to Patent Infringement Dispute

Nashville, TN, January 4, 2022 — TransCore and Kapsch TrafficCom have resolved their dispute and Kapsch TrafficCom has agreed to purchase a license for prior and future use of the patents at issue in the dispute. The terms of the agreement remain confidential as agreed between the parties.

About TransCore

A global leader in the transportation industry, TransCore provides innovative technical solutions and services for All-Electronic Tolling, Congestion Pricing, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. TransCore specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, engineering, and sale of RFID products and services. As a pioneer in RFID systems in the transportation industry, TransCore supplies RFID technology for electronic mobile payment systems to enable automatic toll payment without stopping. TransCore’s RFID technology also enables secure access for airports, hospitals, parking garages, trucking fleets, and the rail industry.

TransCore has deployed thousands of electronic toll collection and express lanes, sold hundreds of millions of RFID tags, captures billions of toll transactions annually, and supports the nation’s most accurate and advanced toll collection systems.