Toll Entities Have An Opportunity To Explore Vehicle Occupancy Verification Solutions

At Toll Insight, our objective is to facilitate targeted knowledge exchange for the toll roads industry.

Beyond interview blogs and focus groups, our next endeavor is an online conference focused on High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) technology. Registration and a detailed agenda are live on our website, linked below. Public agencies sign up for FREE. Private companies can use promo code “TRN” to register for $120 through October 15th.

Priced Managed Lanes often offer full or partial discounts to High-Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs), to encourage carpooling. However, this policy has resulted in misuse, with claims of violations averaging 10-50% or more among declared HOVs. Manual enforcement by state police has been the tried approach, with various challenges. Recently, the industry has turned to emerging technology on this important issue.

This conference will comprehensively cover the following:

  • Today’s best practices,
  • Tolling agency technology pilots,
  • Camera-based Vehicle Occupancy Detection (VOD),
  • App-based HOV verification, and
  • Emerging in-vehicle sensors and connectivity.