NC Turnpike Authority Implements Triple Protocol Technology

NCTA reading all three protocols being considered for national interoperability

Raleigh, NC, August 22, 2017 — The N.C. Turnpike Authority is the first agency in the nation to read all three transponder technologies in a tolling-environment being considered for national interoperability.

“The North Carolina Turnpike Authority, with its world-class facility, partnerships and research, is proud to lead the nation with this modern toll technology,” said Turnpike Authority Executive Director Beau Memory. “This is just another example of how we are paving the way for national interoperability, while also making great strides toward meeting this state’s future tolling needs.”

In March, The Turnpike Authority and Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS, Inc. (Kapsch) signed the contracts to provide Automatic Vehicle Identification equipment for current and future toll projects operated by NCTA. The first order of business was to implement Kapsch’s tri-protocol reader on the Triangle Expressway. The Turnpike Authority coordinated Kaspch with the lane system provider, Conduent Inc. during an accelerated integration.

The new equipment:

  • Maintains current interoperability;
  • Allows NCTA to read all transponders that we have in circulation; and
  • Reads new 6c transponder that’s now being issued free to customers.

NCTA has been at the leading edge of implementing new toll collection technologies and is the first agency in the United States to read three transponder protocols in a tolling environment being considered for national interoperability.

The Triangle Expressway and future toll roads operated by NCTA is equipped with tri-protocol readers.


Contact: Carly Olexik