Fitch Ratings Report: Recent Storms Will Curb US Transportation Growth in 2H 2017

On October 30, 2017, Fitch Ratings announced the release of a report finding that recent hurricanes and storms “will lead to more tepid growth for U.S. transportation for the remainder of this year.” However, Fitch notes, “The good news is that growth for 2017 is already surpassing that of last year for all major U.S. transportation segments thus far.

Regarding toll roads, Fitch sees “healthy growth” through the first half of 2017. “Roads in the Southeast and Southwest are likely to take a minor hit following the tolling shutdowns associated with the storms, though it should not alter the favorable outlook for the region over time,” said Fitch Director Scott Monroe.

You can read the Fitch Ratings news release and download the complete report.