emovis Puts First Automated Reversible AET Gantry in Operation

Live Operation of the First Automated Reversible All Electronic Tolling Gantry

Issy les Moulineaux, 24 July 2017

emovis is pleased to announce the successful launch of the first reversible All Electronic Tolling system. This ground-breaking innovation is in use today along Puerto Rico’s PR-22 highway.

The 2 central lanes of the 10-lane wide mono-gantry can seamlessly operate in either traffic direction without any human intervention. The gantry automatically detects the traffic direction and re-configures the AET system accordingly, thus saving time while improving crew’s safety.

This reversible AET system allows road operators to add an extra traffic lane seamlessly and electronically in what is virtually real time while traffic continues to flow un-interrupted. It will help protect lives of highway and bridge workers and improve commute times in areas where, previously, there were very few if any viable solutions.

During weekdays, the two reversible lanes are switched in the peak traffic direction in order to cope with the heavy commuters’ traffic which hovers around 140,000 vehicles per day.

Multiple Usages

This innovative solution is especially well suited for bridges and other constrained infrastructures where adding an extra traffic lane(s) is physically impossible or prohibitively expensive. It increases the efficiency of an existing road asset by leveraging off its throughput capacity.

It also provides a very cost-effective solution to Infrastructure Managers confronted with recurrent seasonal peak traffic (typically commuters’ traffic) by allowing them to dynamically allocate traffic flows without any revenue losses, nor any traffic inconvenience for the road users.

About emovis

emovis is focused on keeping roads moving through toll-based smart mobility solutions. The company employs over 550 staff in 7 countries and operates some of the world’s largest All Electronic Tolling infrastructure in the UK, Ireland, US territory and Canada.

emovis is 100% owned by Abertis (www.abertis.com), the world’s leader in highway concessions with 8,300km/ 5,300 miles of roads under direct management.


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