Bestpass Has Already Processed $140,000+ in Ohio River Bridges Tolls

[Editor: This is the text of a January 17, 2017, news release from Bestpass.]

Bestpass Covers New Ohio River Bridges Tolling System

Bestpass Processes More than $140,000 in Ohio Bridges Toll in First 15 Days

Commercial fleets can use Bestpass to pay for toll on the three Ohio River bridges that started all-electronic tolling on Dec. 30, 2016. Connecting Louisville, Ky., and Southern Indiana, the three bridges are the new I-65 Abraham Lincoln Bridge, the I-65 Kennedy Bridge and the new Lewis and Clark Bridge.

Bestpass provides single-source payment and streamlined toll management services to commercial fleets, covering 100 percent of the major U.S. toll roads. The Bestpass service is also compatible with RiverLink, the tolling system for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project.

RiverLink estimates that 16,000 trucks will use the toll bridges daily to save time, money and fuel. Since tolling commenced, more than 80,000 vehicles of all shapes and sizes have been using the bridges each day.

“Our early volume – $140,000 in 15 days – indicates that we are serving a real need for our customers,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “We already cover nearly every tolling facility in the country, and extending our coverage to the Ohio River bridges system is yet another way that we can add value and continue to provide a comprehensive tolling solution for our commercial fleets.”

Bestpass customers who are already covered for E-ZPass toll are automatically covered for the Ohio River bridges. Bestpass gives those customers the added benefit of a complete, managed solution for all of their tolling needs.

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