An Introduction to TRN Paid Subscription Service

Stay Informed, Stay Connected for Less than $1 a Day (TRN) has introduced paid subscriptions. Starting July 28, 2017, you can read Daily News Briefs, receive weekday email alerts, and use TRN’s incomparable archive of toll industry news for less than a dollar a day.

This chart describes the subscription categories TRN is offering and their pricing:

People from every segment of the industry consistently describe Daily News Briefs as a must-read, and TRN’s metrics back them up. We save you valuable morning minutes by collecting relevant news — something that’s more difficult than running a few Google searches or collecting newspaper clips — and condensing it into useful and easily digestible summaries augmented with

  • links to information resources (project web sites, archive materials, legislation, corporate and government documents, etc.) that you won’t find mentioned in most media articles, and
  • a wide variety of industry-generated information about personnel moves, product and service developments, and industry benchmarks.

TRN is the place where stakeholders in the toll industry stay connected.

It takes some gray-haired, professional news junkies several hours a day, six days a week, to curate, fact check, edit and post the content you read on TRN’s website and in its convenient daily email alerts. We hope users, especially our many loyal, long-time users, will acknowledge TRN’s value by paying less than a dollar a day for a subscription that provides exclusive access to our most popular features. Our approach to this transition can be summed up by coining an industry truism: “there are no freeways.”

How and When Paid Subscription Service Will Become Available

The transition to paid subscriptions will occur in gradual steps beginning July 14, 2017, when you will need a password to read Daily News Briefs, receive TollroadsToday email, and use our restored, searchable archives. Before July 14, we will send every current registered TRN user a personal email message with simple instructions for choosing a password and making an online subscription purchase prior to the July 28 start date.

If you work for a advertiser, the subscription process will be slightly different, as your company or TRN will explain via email.

Non-Subscribers Will Still Have Access to Valuable Content

After the July 28 transition, everyone who visits the website, even non-paid subscribers, will find plenty of valuable TRN content to read, such as procurement and employment notices, TRN Mailbag posts (news releases, etc.), sponsored articles, advertising and an abbreviated news headlines feature.


If you’re a TRN newcomer and reading this page, here’s some more information about who we are and what we do.

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TRN’s business model may be changing, but not its commitment to daily, year-round coverage of toll world developments and related topics like road use charging and intelligent transportation technology.

If you have questions or want more information, please email TRN or contact our offices directly at 717.724.1681.