Ohio Turnpike Announces Construction Season Start And Requests Driver Caution

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission (OTIC) issued a detailed, county-by-county breakdown of the $226 million in capital improvement projects scheduled this year. “The major roadway construction projects . . . include pavement replacement and resurfacing, bridge renovations, and modernizing the toll collection system.”

In the project news release and a Sandusky Register op-ed, OTIC is urging motorists to drive cautiously when they encounter highway construction work sites. According to commission executive director Ferzan Ahmed, “Work zone-related crashes caused by dangerous driving behaviors can be reduced if motorists follow these safety tips: obey the posted speed limit, establish a safe following distance, avoid distractions, pay attention to the signs, and be prepared to slow down or stop.” Ahmed adds, to promote observance of Ohio’s Move Over Law, OTIC “has installed permanent roadway signs, ‘Move Over Slow Down for All Vehicles with Flashing Lights,’ on the ramps [at all service plazas].”