Daily News Briefs, September 8, 2023

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PANYNJ Boosts Security Initiatives With New Hires And More Funding

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) this week announced new hires to enhance its safety and security initiatives. Danielle Outlaw, newly appointed deputy chief security officer, comes to the authority with more than two decades of law enforcement experience in Oakland, California, Portland, Oregon, and Philadelphia. Michael Harpster joins the Office of the Chief Security Officer (OSCO) as director of the security operations department, bringing with him more than two decades of experience at the FBI and Vanguard Financial Group. Jack Niedermeyer will shift from his position as OCSO’s director of security operations to lead the office’s new security technology and programs department. PANYNJ Chief Security Officer Greg Ehrie commented, “These exceptional talents have their finger[s] on the pulse of a high-stakes, constantly shifting security universe,” and “We are honored to be able to fortify our team with professionals from law enforcement’s top levels. . . .” PANYNJ noted that the staff additions coincide with its funding of the largest ever security budget, nearly $1 billion, in 2023.

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US Senate May Take Up DOT Budget Legislation As Soon As Next Week

Transport Topics reports, US Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has prioritized consideration of USDOT’s FY 2024 funding legislation, which could be taken up in the Senate as early as next week. The funding bill approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee in late July generally increased the department’s spending level, in contrast to the cuts approved earlier in the month by House appropriators. Budget legislation will be the focus of activity when Congress, which has been in summer recess, resumes deliberations next week. Unless lawmakers in both houses of Congress can reach a compromise on major funding proposals or pass another continuing resolution before September 30, many federal agencies would be forced to halt spending and suspend operations.

CNBC reports on the status of budget legislation and the risks that action may get bogged down in the House, where some Republicans are calling for significant spending reductions.

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Tesla Is Dominating Federal Grants To Develop EV Charging Infrastructure

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports, Tesla’s vertical integration gives the company competitive advantages that are allowing it to win more grants than any other company for development of a reliable, nationwide EV charging infrastructure in the US. Speed is a major factor — and not just the speed of Tesla’s Superchargers. As both engineer and manufacturer of the equipment it’s selling, Tesla has developed fully operational charging stations whose installation is compared to the simplicity of setting down Legos. And EV charging is more of a promotional tool for selling cars than a major profit-driver in Tesla’s business model, so the company doesn’t mind selling its charging stations cheap. “In one Maine bid, it estimated hardware costs of $17,000 a charger, compared with $130,000 by another company, according to [EV and charging analytics firm] EVAdoption.” Five states so far have announced the winners of their portion of the $5 billion allotted by federal authorities to help companies defray the cost of installing EV charging infrastructure. To date, Tesla has won about 18 percent of those grants, or $18.5 million out of $77 million. The cost of its average bid is close to $392,000 per site — about half that of other companies, which allows it to install twice as many chargers in a location. Bidding competition, meanwhile, is dominated by convenience stores and truck stops, which collectively account for 73 percent of the chosen locations announced to date.

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These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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