Daily News Briefs, September 23, 2022

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Op-Ed: Proposed NJ Turnpike Extension Is A "$4.7 Billion Plan To Nowhere"

In a NJ.com op-ed column, Loretta Weinberg, the recently retired majority leader of the New Jersey Senate, asserts that the state turnpike’s $4.7 billion plan to widen the Newark Bay-Hudson County extension won’t solve the problem of “too many cars trying to drive into New York City,” but instead will encourage more driving resulting in more congestion at the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge. She urges state officials to work instead at developing effective, climate-friendly solutions centered on improving the capacity and reliability of public transportation. While acknowledging there is no panacea for the state’s traffic problem, Weinberg remarks, “What we know for certain is we have at least $4.7 billion to improve the lives of people traveling in this state and the only idea we should reject outright is building more car lanes on a highway that ends at a two-lane tunnel.”

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Rallies In New Jersey And Brooklyn Supporting MTA Congestion Pricing

NJ.com reports, representatives of seven New Jersey organizations — “from transit advocates to safe streets groups” — held a rally in Newark yesterday to express support for MTA’s Manhattan congestion pricing plan. They said it will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution for people living near the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, help calm rush hour traffic and reduce illness related to vehicle emissions. Speakers also called on Governor Phil Murphy to end his opposition to the plan.

amNY reports, also yesterday, “Brooklyn politicians rallied for the state’s congestion pricing plan . . . to toll motorists entering Manhattan below 60th Street, saying the federal government should speed up the process. Lawmakers pushed for the Federal Highway Administration to approve the state Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s long-awaited charge, as the MTA is set to wrap up a lengthy public comment period [today].”

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These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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