Daily News Briefs, October 19, 2021

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Missouri DOT Seeks Payroll Budget Increase To Hire New Workers And Stem Turnovers

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (via Transport Topics) reports, Missouri DOT (MoDOT) “is requesting a $70 million infusion of cash to boost the pay of its workforce and hire more employees. At the same time motorists began paying 2½ cents per gallon more at the gas pump, the agency . . . submitted the request to the governor’s budget office, arguing that turnover within the agency and a planned ramp-up of construction projects in the coming years make the added cost necessary.” Among other things, the article notes that the average annual salary currently paid MoDOT maintenance workers provides just under $15 an hour in compensation, and 13.1 percent of MoDOT employees could be eligible for federal nutrition benefits (based on a four-person single-earner household). MoDOT ‘s budget request covers its plan to hire 107 full-time employees to “deliver and maintain a larger construction program.”

MoDOT’s FY 2023 Appropriations Request has more information on the pay and staffing increase proposals.

Company and Agency Financials Highway and Bridge Maintenance Missouri Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)


Greece Considers Implementing Athens Congestion Tolls

Greek Reporter reports, “Greece is considering imposing tolls for vehicles in the center of Athens to combat traffic congestion, a government minister revealed [yesterday]. Authorities are particularly alarmed by the increase in traffic throughout the Greek capital, which at times seems like a huge parking lot with all traffic stopped on the major freeways.” The country’s infrastructure and transport minister said a plan to reduce the number of vehicles permitted to enter a central business district zone known as the “small ring” is also under consideration.

Congestion Pricing Greece


These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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