Daily News Briefs, October 12, 2021

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New South Wales Offers Toll Rebates To Support Economic Recovery

The Sydney Morning Herald reports, “Thousands of dollars in toll rebates and discounted licensing fees will be offered to small businesses in Sydney as the [New South Wales] government expands its COVID-19 economic recovery program. Premier Dominic Perrottet [today] announced small businesses could claim $2000 [almost US$1,475] under an expansion of the support package launched in March. . . .” (The New South Wales government yesterday ended a pandemic lockdown imposed during the summer with the onset of Delta variant infections. According to Reuters, “Australia aims to begin living with the coronavirus and gradually reopen with high rates of inoculation.”)

Australia Highway and Bridge Safety (Including COVID-19 Impacts) New South Wales


TCA's Samuel Johnson Accepts IBTTA Leadership Award

The Transportation Corridor Agencies announced that CEO Samuel Johnson received the 2021 Distinguished Leadership Academy Alum of the Year Award from IBTTA, which is wrapping up its annual meeting today. “The award honors an IBTTA Leadership Academy graduate who has made significant contributions to the transportation/tolling industry in a way that mirrors IBTTA’s ‘focus on advancing transportation by attracting and developing talent with a keen recognition of the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive leadership and membership.’” Johnson is a former IBTTA president and the organizer of an IBTTA industry internship program, as well as its Task Force on Diversity, Social and Racial Inclusion.

California Industry Awards & Recognitions Transportation Corridor Agencies (CA)


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