Daily News Briefs, May 18, 2023

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Alabama Court Halts State Construction Project Challenged By Toll Bridge Company

AL.com reports, a state judge yesterday issued a preliminary injunction halting an Alabama DOT intracoastal waterway bridge project that is being challenged by the Baldwin County Bridge Company (BCBC), operator of the nearby Beach Express toll bridge. The company claims that public project was inadequately planned and launched with intent to damage company business. Circuit Judge Jimmy Pool agreed, issuing an order that was extremely critical of ALDOT Director John Cooper. “Director Cooper’s outrageous conduct in embarking on spending more than $120 million of State funds, on a bridge that ALDOT does not need, for the purpose of putting a private company out of business shocks the conscience of the Court,” the judge’s order stated. ALDOT issued a statement expressing disappointment with the ruling, which it intends to appeal to the state supreme court. A BCBC attorney called the decision a “victory for the rule of law and the citizens of Alabama,” adding, “People in positions of authority representing the government cannot do or say anything they want. When government officials attempt to target businesses through bad faith, the Courts of Alabama will hold them accountable.”

Both AL.com and Associated Press provide background on the lawsuit and the controversy surrounding a public-private bridge expansion project that the state and BCBC failed to reach agreement on after lengthy negotiations.

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