Daily News Briefs, June 26, 2020

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Commentary: The Los Angeles Freeway System, An Instrument Of Racial Segregation

Los Angeles Times editor Matthew Fleischer comments, “The aftermath of George Floyd’s death while in police custody has created a moment for radical truth-telling. So here’s some ugly truth about the city of Los Angeles [and other US urban centers]: Our freeway system is one of the most noxious monuments to racism and segregation in the country.” Fleischer makes a compelling argument that no law or private action was as effective as “the automobile and its attendant infrastructure at turning Los Angeles into an intentionally segregated city.”

California Issues of Law Los Angeles (CA) Metro Region Transportation Infrastructure Research & Development


New M-CORES Task Force Meeting Format Questioned By Two Local Lawmakers

ECB Publishing reports, two members of the Monticello, Florida, City Council are concerned that Florida DOT has not resumed in-person meetings of the M-CORES Suncoast Connector Task Force. Councilwoman Julie Conley reportedly told her colleagues that officials and residents of the community, the proposed terminus of the toll road, should be able to address the task force face-to-face on “home turf,” as FDOT officials promised they would be able to do. Conley also questioned whether the webinar meeting format FDOT has adopted as a COVID-19 precaution allows the public to participate meaningfully in task force deliberations. (The task force held its most recent “virtual meeting” on Tuesday, June 23.)

Florida Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Florida DOT M-CORES Program Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE)


French Climate Action Group Proposes Lowering The Motorway Speed Limit

The Local (France) reports, A proposal to lower the speed limit on French motorways (from 130 KPH/80 MPH to 110 KPH/68 MPH) “is one of the 149 proposals in France’s Citizens’ Convention on the Climate — a group of members of the public who have spent nine months putting together a far-reaching plan to lower France’s carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.”

“The Connexion” (subscription required) reports, Yannick Jadot, an environmentalist and prominent member of the European Parliament, is among the French politicians supporting the highly controversial speed limit proposal, and he advocates reducing motorway tolls as “compensation.”

Environmental Protection Policies and Procedures France


These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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