Daily News Briefs, July 16, 2021

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NYC Mayor Picks Board Member In Effort To Spur MTA Action On Congestion Pricing

Daily News (New York) reports, “New York City’s congestion pricing program designed to toll motorists who drive south of 61st St. in Manhattan inched forward [yesterday] as Mayor de Blasio announced his nominee for a board to oversee the plan. De Blasio picked city Department of Finance Commissioner Sherif Soliman to serve as his representative on the Traffic Mobility Review Board, a group that’s required to advise on the cost of the new tolls and any groups who will be exempt from paying them.” Earlier this week, the mayor expressed a sense of urgency about getting the program started, and yesterday criticized MTA for its failure to organize and convene the board. (Link inserted by TRN)

Silive.com reports, de Blasio called on MTA “to expedite the program’s implementation process, with hopes of having ‘shovels in the ground’ by next summer and full implementation of the program by sometime in 2022.” (The article includes a backgrounder on the tolling program.)

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Future Pennsylvania VMT Charges Could Exceed Gas Tax Costs

KDKA reports on the work of Pennsylvania’s Transportation Revenue Options Commission and one estimate of the cost of an annual vehicle-miles-traveled charge. The commission is reportedly considering a recommendation that the state adopt road usage charging as a replacement for its second-highest-in-the-nation gas tax.

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These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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