Daily News Briefs, July 13, 2021

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Pacific Coast Heatwave Demonstrates Need To Improve Infrastructure Sustainability

The Oregonian reports, the recent Pacific Northwest heat wave (Portland’s temperature reached a high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit) exposed the vulnerability of US infrastructure systems to the impacts of climate change. “The way we designed our transportation systems hasn’t taken into account major changes in the climate,” said a City of Portland spokesperson. “That is the reality we are facing.” Although most roads and highways withstood the strain of sustained high temperatures, state officials recognize that weather extremes are a new norm for which they must be prepared. Oregon DOT’s “relatively new Climate Office is already developing sustainability efforts across the state as the region experiences weather extremes and hazards to the transportation system that continue to grow in both magnitude and frequency,” (Link inserted by TRN)

KATU reports on the funding problems that plague Portland and ODOT officials.

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These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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