Daily News Briefs, January 7, 2021

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A Progress Update On I-66 (Outside The Beltway) Express Lanes Construction

InsideNoVa.com reports, Virginia DOT last week opened a new bridge over I-66 for northbound Route 123 traffic, and workers this week are scheduled to begin demolition of the old bridge. Southbound traffic will also be directed onto the new bridge in the coming weeks to permit demolition of the old Route 123 South Bridge. The Route 123 interchange is being rebuilt to accommodate the new I-66 express lanes scheduled to open next year.

I-66 Express Mobility Partners P3 Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project (Metro DC) Virginia Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Washington (DC) Metro Region


COVID-19 Financial Strains May Accelerate Adoption Of RUC And ETC Solutions

A “Fleet World” column urges stepped-up UK government consideration of road usage charging and electronic toll collection. The author, Dr. Ben Miners, notes that a recent drop in fuel tax revenue brought on by COVID-19 lockdowns has given governments a foretaste of what lies ahead as consumer demand increases for electric and other alternative-fuel vehicles. Miners, the chief innovation scientist at the IMS company, also addresses the synergy between RUC and ETC. Unifying the technologies in a single payment system, he argues, “ensure[s] road users can travel seamlessly through existing toll gantries in addition to flexible RUC schemes on all other roads, while also enabling convenient payments for broader mobility related services. Eventually ETC providers must either embrace RUC as part of the solution, or they risk disintermediation.”

Fleet Europe reports on road use charging schemes under development or consideration in the UK, Singapore and Scandinavian countries. According to the article, the savings enjoyed by electric vehicle owners “are under threat” as governments in Europe and Asia look for ways to replace transportation tax revenue lost in the transition away from petroleum-fueled travel. “Losing billions of euros in tax revenue would be a serious issue for healthy economies, but with governments facing a black hole in their finances due to coronavirus, treasury ministries are under particular pressure to find replacement revenue streams for diminishing motoring tax income.”

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Norway Road Usage Charging Singapore Sweden United Kingdom


These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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