Daily News Briefs, February 17, 2021

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Travel Remains Hazardous In Texas

The New York Times is keeping a running account of the winter storms bedeviling Texans and other residents of the southern US. Conditions haven’t substantially improved over the past 24 hours in most areas.

Austin American-Statesman reports that authorities in metro Austin simply aren’t equipped to deal with the unprecedented amount of snow and ice delivered by the recent storms. “The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, which operates many of the Austin area’s toll roads, is keeping all its roads shut down until further notice. The mobility authority is having trouble getting chemical compounds and other materials used to treat roads. Service roads for those toll roads are open.” The advice agencies are giving to local residents is, “Stay home, if you can.”

KPRC reports, “As the Houston-area braces for another round of wintry precipitation, drivers are continuing to be warned to stay off the road. . . . Houston TranStar lists more than 190 icy spots and the city of Katy Office of Emergency Management warns Interstate 10 is currently experiencing ‘very icy’ conditions.”

NBC News Dallas-Fort Worth reports that many roads in its coverage area remain ice-bound. A winter storm warning is in effect there through tonight.

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Is MTA's Board Getting Enough Time And Opportunity For Meaningful Deliberation?

THE CITY reports, some board members and stakeholders are concerned that the “condensed” virtual meeting format the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has followed since the onset of COVID-19 is inhibiting oversight and transparency at a crucial time for the agency. When it gathers tomorrow to, among other things, consider a bridge and tunnel toll rate increase, the board will hold a twelfth consecutive monthly meeting that management has squeezed into a single day. “The virtual board meeting does not give the opportunity for full and complete conversations about the important issues,” Robert Linn, an MTA board member, tells THE CITY.

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These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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