IntelliRoad Announces Strategic Partnership with Duncan Solutions to Enhance Tolling Solution Services

Driving Customer Satisfaction through Technology That Simplifies the Motorist Tolling Experience

Tallahassee, FL (June 20, 2024) — IntelliRoad, a division of Kyra Solutions and a pioneering traffic and tolling solutions provider, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Duncan Solutions, a leading authority in DMV lookup and collections processes for tolling agencies. The efficiencies achieved through this collaboration will help reduce the operating costs at tolling agencies by optimizing toll revenue collections with better quality image review processes and data, saving time and costs. This achieved optimization improves the tolling motorist experience with correct, transparent, and timely billing that enhances the overall customer service experience.

“Our partnership with Duncan Solutions reinforces IntelliRoad’s role as a leader in transforming the tolling industry,” said Rafael Hernandez, Vice President of Tolling Solutions at IntelliRoad. “By combining our advanced technology with Duncan’s DMV expertise, we are set to significantly boost operational efficiencies and revenue for tolling agencies, enhancing the experience for all users.”

Hernandez added, “IntelliRoad and Duncan Solutions are aligned in putting customer service at the core of their operations. When companies have customer service at the core of their business, it makes for a happier driving experience.”

With Duncan Solutions’ unparalleled expertise in DMV lookup processes and collections and IntelliRoad’s cutting-edge tolling solution technology for data management and image review processing, this integration offers a powerhouse of capabilities to tolling agencies. The technology will improve the quality of the image review process while instituting checks and balance mechanisms to maximize successful hits in identifying Registered Owners of Vehicles (ROV).

The partnership promises to expedite the processing of image-based transactions and aims to elevate the overall customer experience, driving significant advancements within the tolling industry. Through this strategic alliance, IntelliRoad and Duncan Solutions are committed to delivering exceptional value and fostering innovation, empowering tolling agencies to achieve new heights in operational excellence and revenue optimization. This is a partnership that promises to bring significant advancements and benefits to the tolling industry and its customers.

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IntelliRoad, a division of Kyra Solutions, is a leading traffic and tolling solutions provider utilizing over 20 years of experience to realize a future where every journey is smarter and safer. Since its inception, IntelliRoad has been dedicated to revolutionizing how transportation agencies and communities think about mobility. Comprised of two key divisions, IntelliManage and IntelliConnect, the company provides innovative solutions aimed at strengthening safety standards, enhancing operational efficiencies, and enriching customer satisfaction in the transportation sector. Within IntelliManage, we deliver best-in-class tolling solutions, including end-to-end license plate image review and operational back-office, to optimize revenue recognition, streamline operations, and enhance customer experience. Meanwhile, IntelliConnect sets the industry standard for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions, offering cutting-edge technologies such as Modular Smart ATMS and Roadside Infrastructure Integration and Management Platform to proactively detect and respond to roadway events, ensuring safety for all motorists. Committed to the well-being of motorists through technological advancement, IntelliRoad strives to turn data into action, transforming bustling highways into streamlined corridors of commerce and recreation.

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Press Contact: Rafael Hernandez, IntelliRoad Vice President, Tolling Solutions